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Why Do You Need

The SPARK Method?

Together, we’ll address all of the challenges and confusion around how and where to meet women, how to build self-confidence and characteristics that women love, and how to find the perfect woman for you. You’ll learn simple and implementable steps so you know exactly what to do next, how to apply it to specific situations, and get proof that you’re on the right track.


After years of studying successful people in both relationships and business, I’ve found that there are 5 essential characteristics that these people all have in common (self-confidence, passion, ambition, resilience and kindness), hence the acronym SPARK!

But the word SPARK came to me years ago from a childhood friend. We were both single and actively dating at the time and she used to say, “He’s got to have that spark in his eye. That’s what I’m looking for and I know it when I see it.”

What she meant was that she was looking for a man who was excited and passionate about life and embodied those five essential characteristics I listed above. We would also joke about how so many people just didn’t have it. If I was talking to a guy I just met in a bar and he didn’t have the spark – as soon as I would look over at her she would give me this look – no words needed!

And as I developed these characteristics, I found my true passion in work and my true love. I believe that if you want to live your life to its fullest potential and you want to find a partner that is doing the same, you have to develop these five characteristics. So I developed the SPARK method to teach men exactly how to do that.


Ways you and I can make this happen for you:


DIY – an email based system that will teach you the finer points of being the right man for your right woman.

Who’s it for:

The self-driven man. The man who can take text and turn it into action without having their hands held to make shift happen.

1:1 Coaching – One-one calls, homework assignments, and guides to help you transform into Mr. Yes for your right woman.

Who’s it for:

The man who wants a more personalized experience and one-on-one attention. The man who achieves better results with a partner to help him stay accountable and moving forward on the right track.

“The SPARK method is fantastic!  It is so crucial to be reminded – on a daily basis – of important aspects of attitude, healthy and unhealthy relationships, self-talk and other factors that contribute to or detract from building a dream and/or searching for a new job, relationship or lifestyle.  Diane taught me about a new way to think and behave which contributed to a sense of balance and empowerment during a turbulent time”.
   ~ D.R., Hartford, CT


What you’ll get in each:

2-Month DIY:

  • Monthly 1-hour group calls with me to help you get and stay on track to resolve the issues that stand between you and your perfect match
  • 8 weeks of email training modules on: self-confidence & self-knowledge, passion & intimacy, ambition & time-management, resilience & stress reduction, kindness & gratitude, personal growth, attraction, approach and identifying Ms. Wrong
  • One month metabolic training and functional nutrition plan, so you can eat for your body type and metabolism, making maintaining your ideal physical and mental self easy. Develop stress reduction techniques to master how to stay calm amidst chaos, quiet the mind to hear your inner self, to know what you want and need, from yourself and those around you.

3-Month Individual Coaching:

  • Weekly 1 hour 1:1 calls with me to help you get and stay on track to resolve the issues that stand between you and your perfect match
  • 8-Weekly email training modules on attraction, self-confidence & self-knowledge, passion & intimacy, ambition & time-management, resilience & stress reduction, personal growth, approach and identifying Ms. Wrong
  • Monthly metabolic training and functional nutrition plan, so you can eat for your body type and metabolism, making maintaining your ideal physical and mental self easy
  • A customized date or weekend vacation itinerary to help you choose the perfect destination and activities to make her swoon


Both Programs include 8 Weekly Modules via email on:

1. Self-confidence/Self-knowledge – Learn skills to raise your confidence level to approach women and actually make the right words come out of your mouth when you connect. Discover who you are as a man and how you can use these characteristics to attract the right woman.

2. Passion – Remember when you were the most excited about your life and bring that spark back. Discover skills to become more comfortable with intimacy, understand what’s attractive and exciting for you, and how to avoid attracting the same kind of women that are not right for you.

3. Ambition – What do you want to accomplish in your life, what legacy do you want to leave? What do you want to do so you have no regrets in life?

4. Resilience – What is your “why” that will enable you to persevere to accomplish anything you desire? How will you develop strength to overcome obstacles, without becoming hard and jaded?

5. Kindness – How will you stay open when you’ve been hurt? What kind of gratitude practice will you have? How will you forgive others and yourself?

6. Attraction – how to develop yourself so you attract a partner that is not just compatible, but ideal. Learn to engage in conversation, have successful dates, and maintain great relationships. Intuitively know what women want, when to flirt and be playful, when to be serious and seductive, how to be more attentive if you naturally aren’t, and how to give a woman space if she needs it, without it wrecking you mentally.

7. Approach: Develop your authentic style and comfortable way of approaching women. What location is best for you, what’s your conversational style?

8. Identifying Ms. Wrong – Learn how to stop attracting and being attracted to the wrong woman. Discover what you may be saying or doing that attracts incompatible women.



Learn to set goals in order to realize and maximize your potential. Because the man who is static attracts a static woman.

Listen to your inner guidance and create personal mantras to stay focused and positive. Because when you’re positive, you attract the woman who is positive, too.


“When I began Dr. Diane’s program I did not even know what questions to ask. I knew I was using old thinking and needed a big refresh in my approach. In the first week, I became totally clear on a philosophical issue regarding my personal life. I had been struggling with this for a long time. That alone was worth the price of admission. My path was clear. The program teaches you the mechanics of ‘how’ to do it. The one to one phone sessions were very anchoring for my process. If you are completely stuck or you just cannot seem to reach up to another level, this program is for you.
~ J.P., Connecticut

“If you are looking to take your relationships to the next level of success, Dr. Diane’s method is eye-opening, awakening and awe inspiring. She presents easy to assimilate ideas and concepts in a simple progressive format. If you are committed to the study of personal growth and inner development you’ll find her to be elemental in raising one’s own self awareness.”
~ A.S., New Hampshire


This program is NOT for the man who wants to:

  • Read or absorb via osmosis, because you have to do the work, I cannot do it for you
  • Continue to date the wrong women because change is just too scary
  • Stay exactly where he is with no ideal partner by his side since facing her is harder than facing who he is


Want that special woman by your side? Train with me. Become the man she’s looking for.


When you’re done fighting the dating scene, choose to win it all.
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